About Mays Concrete, Inc.


     With 50 years of experience and a reputation of being Western Colorado's premier concrete contractor, Mays Concrete, Inc. is proud to be a leader in such a dynamic industry.

     As the most frequently used material in the building industry, coupled with the distinction of being the primary building block of civilization, today, we use sophisticated technologies and advanced concrete construction systems, along with the latest innovation in mix designs and curing methods to deliver safe and aesthetically pleasing concrete structures that will stand for decades.

     Our strong vendor relationships, large equipment fleet and manpower base, enables us to mobilize quickly and perform quality work in a safe, expedient manner, in both desert and mountain environments.  Working with us minimizes the risk of scheduling conflicts, quality issues and financial instability. 


We are comprised of two divisions and a specialty in precast concrete:

     THE STRUCTURAL DIVISION   Foundations, including pilings and caissons, pile caps and grade beams; walls - shear and high-wall; columns; beams; slabs on grade, above grade, decks and suspended slabs; slip and jump forming for elevator and stair towers.


     THE CIVIL DIVISION   Full-scope concrete construction of streets and roads for residential and commercial developments; city, county, and state road improvements; bridges, dams and airports.


     PRECAST CONCRETE   Site and /or plant-cast capabilities and specialty designs for retail centers, warehouse and manufacturing buildings, distribution centers, schools; high altitude microwave and signal equipment structures; government and municipal buildings. 


Mays Concrete, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer